Emily Costa
July 18, 2019
Jenny Mullaney USA
May 23, 2021

‘All heart’ are the words that spring to mind when trying to describe Lori.  The only way she knows how to be, is all in, compassionate, and never gives up.  Ever.

With a fierce zest for life, Lori walks her talk when she says, ‘Know who you are beyond the temporary labels, because everything is temporary besides your soul.’  

In 2015 Lori was in a dirt bike accident which for a year, left her out of work, needing 5 surgeries, and having to learn how to walk again.

Not once did she reach out to the shadows of a past eating disorder, because she was reaching in for her inner strength and wisdom – the very qualities that shine through so strongly in her Coaching.

Having Lori on your team means you have unwavering support and someone who has been to the depths and back…willing to show you the way forward.


Lori is a Certified Eating Disorder Coach with the Carolyn Costin Institute.

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