June 7, 2019

Kristie Amadio

Currently, Kristie is fully booked and not taking new online clients. One of a kind, irrepressible enthusiasm and candid honesty is what forms the basis of […]
June 7, 2019

Amy Ryk

Warm, empathic and deeply insightful, Amy has worked in the eating disorder field for over ten years. Having Amy on your team means you will have […]
June 7, 2019

Caryn Raba

Currently not taking new clients. Loyal, honest and a quirky sense of humor, Caryn has been an athlete since the age of 4. She worked as […]
May 1, 2020

Lori Lee

‘All heart’ are the words that spring to mind when trying to describe Lori.  The only way she knows how to be, is all in, compassionate, and […]

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