Eating Disorders operate outside office hours.

So do we.


Recovery Coaching

60 minutes


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$120 USD/session with a Recovery Coach from America

$120 NZD/session with a Recovery Coach from New Zealand

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    Live In

    Four days minimum

    We come to you!

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      All prices appear in USD, adjusted to NZD if you are booking with a coach from New Zealand.

      New to Recovered Living? Meet with a Recovered Living Coach for an Introductory Call.

      Book an introductory call with a Recovery Coach in the USA
      Book an introductory call with a Recovery Coach in New Zealand
      • G.B New York, USA

        "I now have no doubt that an eating disorder can be healed, and that there is no need to compromise on partial recovery.”

        G.B New York, USA

      Recovery Coaching

      1 hour

      or face-to-face

      $120* per session

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      Recovery Coaching - Book Here

      Worldwide by Zoom:

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      With Recovery Coaching you can:

      • Build a life for yourself beyond your eating disorder.
      • Redirect the energy you have put into your eating disorder into your recovery.
      • Create meaning and purpose in your life to feel inspired, motivated and alive!
      • Stay on track with your commitment to recovery.
      • Align your life with values you choose.
      • Repair your relationship with your body and make peace with food.
      • Reintegrate movement of your choice into a recovered way of living.
      • Stay accountable to your meal plan by using sessions to prepare or eat meals and snacks.

      Want to meet with a Recovery Coach first?
      Book here for an Introductory Call.
      • J.D. Manitoba, Canada

        "I got practical help to problem solve food or body image issues alongside someone who was patient, understanding, and most importantly; was once there themselves."

        J.D. Manitoba, Canada
      • J.G. California, USA

        "Having someone cook alongside me really helped in regaining balance, creativity, and most of all confidence in preparing and eating food on my own."

        J.G. California, USA
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      Live In

      Four days minimum

      We come to you!

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      I have questions about a live-in

      Live-In (Transition Assistance)

      We can:

      • Travel with you from your old door to your new one.
      • Assist you in planning and executing grocery shopping.
      • Be with you to prepare and eat meals and snacks both at home and out and about.
      • Explore the area together for options to eat in or take away.
      • Help clear your home of triggers - removing old clothes, photographs, web history, scales, etc.
      • Empower you to have a new relationship with an old place.
      • Develop recovery routines in your life.
      • Work with you and your family, friends and housemates to help you reintegrate into each other's lives.
      • Continue to support you through At Home Cooking, Recovery Coaching, Meal Support and Snack Sessions.
      • Tailor a Live In to your personal needs - if you can think of it, we will talk with you about how we can do it!

      Live In Service :

      • Is not a replacement for residential treatment, a therapist, dietician or medical doctor. It IS an adjunctive support for high-risk times in recovery; supporting you to transition from a higher level of care to home or to help turn a slip into a bump rather than a relapse.
      • Is not an intervention (contact us to discuss if you need one).

      For Conditions, Prices and Further Details contact us.
      • C.U. Wisconsin, USA
        I got more traction in my recovery from one month of a live-in than from a whole year of weekly appointments. After 20 years of an eating disorder I am beginning to believe that being recovered is possible for me too.
        C.U. Wisconsin, USA

      A message from Kristie about live-ins

      • A live in is an opportunity to try something different, something intensive and something that works with your life.

      What happens during a live-in?

      • Whatever your routine is in life, we figure out what recovery looks like within that routine...and then we go and do that.

      What is the structure of a live-in?

      • We use a model of 'hands on, handing over, hands off' to help you first crawl, then walk and finally fly.

      What kind of help does a live-in provide?

      • Grocery shopping, meal planning, eating out, support for the entire family, body image, clothes shopping.

      What does a live-in offer that treatment doesn’t?

      • Have the real life experience of putting recovery first at home when you are also juggling being a parent, partner or provider.

      Can a live-in be a substitute for treatment?

      • Live-ins are an adjunct to treatment; transitioning out of residential or PHP, turning a slip into a bump rather than a relapse, or gaining traction in your recovery journey.

      What makes a live-in successful?

      • People who are willing to change, have a prior relationship with their coach via virtual or face-to-face sessions, are ready to put recovery first and are brave enough to surrender 100% to recovery.

      What kind of after support is available?

      • Intensive online support (either multiple times a day or several times a week), titrating down as needed.

      • C.U. Wisconsin, USA
        Experiencing a live-in helped me stop fitting recovery into my life and made recovery a priority IN my life.
        C.U. Wisconsin, USA