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Support Space is our FREE monthly support group for family and friends of people with an eating disorder.

Who is there for you?

Eating disorder support can be hard enough to come by for the individual, let alone for the people who are going through this process alongside them.

Common themes we hear from family and friends are:

  • I don't want to do the wrong thing...
  • How do I support her/him/them but not be the food police?
  • I want to be there for them in their recovery but how do I do that AND respect their privacy?
  • What should I do when...?
  • What do I say if...?
  • Why don't they just eat?
  • Am I to blame?
  • At what point is it ok to stop worrying?

We recognize the significant contribution you make towards your loved one's recovery and that you need support too. For this reason, Recovered Living has created a FREE family and friends online coaching group, principally run by the founder and director of Recovered Living, Kristie Amadio.IN 2021, Amy Ryk, one of our coaches will be facilitating this group


Spaces are limited, book now to reserve your place.

Support Space is a place to:

  • Get coaching on how you can best assist your person in their recovery from an eating disorder.
  • Get the personal support you need.
  • Ask and answer questions of other parents & loved one's.
  • Connect with a community of people who understand, because they are in your shoes too.
  • Set your own goals, celebrate your achievements and plan for the future.
  • Give and receive validation, recognition and reassurance.
  • Is a place just for you.

Support Space is not:

  • Psychotherapy.
  • To be used as a replacement for personal therapy.
  • The place to talk about your loved ones personal challenges. Support Space is about you - and your success and struggles as you walk alongside someone in their recovery.
  • For your loved one. It is for you.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Support Space

60 minutes


FREE for parents and friends

1st Wednesday of every month
5:00pm - 6:00pm PST USA
8:00pm - 9:00pm EST USA
Noon - 1:00pm NZST (thursday)
Dates below.
2021 DATES (USA)
Jan: Wed 6th
Feb: Wed 3rd
Mar: Wed 3rd
April: Wed 7th
May: Wed 5th
June: Wed 2nd
July: Wed 7th
Aug: Wed 4th
Sept: Wed 1st
Oct: Wed 6th
Nov: Wed 3rd
Dec: Wed 1st

"Our daughter’s recovery has two distinct sides: before she found Recovered Living and after she found Recovered Living.
It still makes me very sad when I recall what recovery was like for our daughter before she started with Recovered Living. From a parent’s perspective, this is the life-line we had been hoping and hunting for but had almost given up finding."

T. B. South Island, New Zealand

An Eating Disorder does not just affect one person in the family.
It affects every person in the family.

Recovery Coaching is for you too!

A Recovery Coach will work with you individually, or together with your loved one, to:

  • Troubleshoot difficulties during the recovery process such as relationship challenges around trust and autonomy.
  • Work through mealtime issues including grocery shopping, preparation and eating, as well as important events or holidays.
  • Set goals for yourself in relation to your position as a support person, and help you be accountable to them.
  • Provide you a space that is uniquely yours to process your own thoughts and feelings during this time.

As a parent you cannot:

  • Make your person recover...or make them want to recover.
  • Do recovery for them.
  • Accept behavior that violates your boundaries.

As a parent/loved one you can:

  • Educate yourself.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Talk about it.

Recovery Coaching for Family & Friends - Book Here

Worldwide via Videoconferencing:

Book my session now!
Want to meet with a Recovery Coach first?
Book here for a free introductory call, to meet with a Recovered Living Coach.
For face to face sessions, all bookings need to go through our office.
Call or email us to book your session.

Want to meet with a Recovery Coach first?
Book here for a free introductory call, to meet with a Recovered Living Coach.

Want to join in on an individual cooking, meal, recovery or snack session?

Provided your loved one agrees, you can absolutely be a part of their individual sessions free of charge. Let us know when they book, and we look forward to helping you have a new relationship with an old process.


Recovery Coaching for Family & Friends

60 minutes

Online or face-to-face


*Videoconferencing price

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