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24/7 Live-In

Consistent support when you really need it - right at home

24/7 Live-in Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

Live In

Four days minimum

We come to you!

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Live-In (Transition Assistance)

We can:

  • Travel with you from your old door to your new one.
  • Assist you in planning and executing grocery shopping.
  • Be with you to prepare and eat meals and snacks both at home and out and about.
  • Explore the area together for options to eat in or take away.
  • Help clear your home of triggers - removing old clothes, photographs, web history, scales, etc.
  • Empower you to have a new relationship with an old place.
  • Develop recovery routines in your life.
  • Work with you and your family, friends and housemates to help you reintegrate into each other's lives.
  • Continue to support you through At Home Cooking, Recovery Coaching, Meal Support and Snack Sessions.
  • Tailor a Live In to your personal needs - if you can think of it, we will talk with you about how we can do it!

Live In Service :

  • Is not a replacement for residential treatment, a therapist, dietician or medical doctor. It IS an adjunctive support for high-risk times in recovery; supporting you to transition from a higher level of care to home or to help turn a slip into a bump rather than a relapse.
  • Is not an intervention (contact us to discuss if you need one).

For Conditions, Prices and Further Details contact us.
  • C.U. Wisconsin, USA
    I got more traction in my recovery from one month of a live-in than from a whole year of weekly appointments. After 20 years of an eating disorder I am beginning to believe that being recovered is possible for me too.
    C.U. Wisconsin, USA

I have questions about a live-in

A message from Kristie about live-ins

  • A live in is an opportunity to try something different, something intensive and something that works with your life.

What happens during a live-in?

  • Whatever your routine is in life, we figure out what recovery looks like within that routine...and then we go and do that.

What is the structure of a live-in?

  • We use a model of 'hands on, handing over, hands off' to help you first crawl, then walk and finally fly.

What kind of help does a live-in provide?

  • Grocery shopping, meal planning, eating out, support for the entire family, body image, clothes shopping.

What does a live-in offer that treatment doesn’t?

  • Have the real life experience of putting recovery first at home when you are also juggling being a parent, partner or provider.

Can a live-in be a substitute for treatment?

  • Live-ins are an adjunct to treatment; transitioning out of residential or PHP, turning a slip into a bump rather than a relapse, or gaining traction in your recovery journey.

What makes a live-in successful?

  • People who are willing to change, have a prior relationship with their coach via virtual or face-to-face sessions, are ready to put recovery first and are brave enough to surrender 100% to recovery.

What kind of after support is available?

  • Intensive online support (either multiple times a day or several times a week), titrating down as needed.

  • C.U. Wisconsin, USA
    Experiencing a live-in helped me stop fitting recovery into my life and made recovery a priority IN my life.
    C.U. Wisconsin, USA

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