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  • "Recovery coaching truly changed my viewpoint on life. I believed that I would forever survive in the state of chaos, panic, and misery that an eating disorder provides. Now I know better, I know that the world isn't such a scary place and that I don't have to face it alone."

    C.P. Texas, USA
  • "I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have found you...I leave after all of our sessions feeling more joyful and hopeful, and much less alone."

    M.K. Ontario, Canada
  • "Kristie, and everything she offers through Recovered Living, has been nothing short of astounding."

    J.T. Washington, USA
  • "The convenience of video chat and the constant support and encouragement in the real world in real time from someone who has been there really helps."

    J.S. NY, USA
  • "I am eternally grateful to have found Kristie and Recovered Living.  For the first time I believe that full recovery and living the life I love is 100% possible!!"

    R.B South Island, New Zealand
  • "The progress I have made so far proves that once you finally give that permission to your body, you gradually learn to give that permission to your soul."

    G.B. New York, USA
  • "Working with someone that has walked the path before me meant I always felt safe and comfortable to open up about my struggles."

    J.D. Manitoba, Canada
  • "It is incredibly helpful to talk with someone who understands how my mind works and what is truly going on in my head, sometimes even better than I do."

    C.B. Alabama, USA
  • "I would recommend Kristie to anyone who is in recovery from an eating disorder."

    M.S. Melbourne, Australia
  • "This experience has provided me with the compassion and tools that I have needed to continue to strive towards recovery."

    A.S. Colorado, USA
  • "Recovery Coaching helped me become more aware of when my anxiety was building, which made me much more capable and willing to reach out when I needed it the most."

    J.G. California, USA
  • "When you have faced your biggest demons and stood up to those of your society as well - in the fight for a full and authentic life - you have overcome the hardest challenge of all."

    G.B. New York, USA
  • "Knowing that someone recovered has been through the suffering and made it out healthy and happy is something that has grounded me throughout my recovery."

    S.A. Sydney, Australia
  • "Having that support from someone who understands and has been in your shoes makes you feel like you're not alone."

    V.A. New York, USA.
  • "Eating with people who had recovered, helped me change my disordered thoughts into healthy ones."

    J.S. California, USA
  • "The experience of sharing meal times together has helped me deal with all the feelings and emotions that go along with it."

    V.A. New York, USA
  • "Meal support helped me work through some unhealthy rituals I'd tried to let go of but could not have broken without having someone to be accountable to."

    J.G. California, USA
  • "I have been able to eat fear foods while having support and have been able to talk about how I feel during and after eating food."

    V.A. New York, USA
  • "I got support thinking creatively in approaching and not avoiding challenges."

    J.G. California, USA
  • "I got advice, support with problem shooting, and I had someone to turn to when I needed help."

    M.S. Melbourne, Australia
  • "Today I know that whatever my natural size is, it deserves the space it naturally claims in this world."

    G.B. New York, USA
  • "I gained insight and a new perspective into years of unhealthy behaviors that I was motivated to change but didn't know how."

    J.G. California, USA
  • "Without their advice, recovery after inpatient treatment would have been so much more difficult."

    M.S. Melbourne, Australia
  • "Working with a mentor who is recovered allows for a therapeutic experience that goes far below the surface of an eating disorder."

    A.S. Colorado, USA

Meet Our Team Behind the Scene!

Paula Popenhagen - Dunedin, New Zealand

Operations Manager

Quirky, warm-hearted and understanding are the three words that come to mind when thinking about Paula.

With a background as an occupational therapist, outdoor instructor and now a life coach, Paula handles the operations side of Recovered Living with style. Always thinking about ways to improve our efficiency, she is a huge asset to Recovered Living and we are so pleased to have her on the team!

Interesting fact: Paula represented New Zealand for Slalom kayaking.

Emily Costa - New Jersey

Social Media Manager

Emily is passionate about spreading the message that full recovery is absolutely possible. She believes that when used for the right reasons, social media can be a powerful source of inspiration and connection.

Being interested in mental health advocacy work she became a Crisis Text Line counselor and previously volunteered with Project HEAL serving as their blog manager, NYC Chapter Leader & a recovery mentor in their Communities of HEALing pilot program.

Interesting Fact: Emily started a clothing brand called Rebel Redefined in High School
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