Hot Tips for Videoconferencing

Ensure your Internet connection is reliable where you are intending to have your session.

Make arrangements so incoming calls; pets or housemates will not distract you during your session and your privacy is assured.

Your Recovery Coach will likely be using earphones or headphones to ensure your words will not be heard by anyone else. You are welcome to do the same or can use your laptop/cell phone speaker as you choose.

Seeing yourself onscreen as you talk can be distracting! If you find it to be the case, ask us how to minimise yourself on screen and we will talk you through it.

Ensure you are not streaming or downloading any large files before you begin your session, as this can affect the videoconferencing quality.

If your connection fails or is patchy for some reason, it is also possible to voice call into Zoom. If this is necessary, your Coach will send you a call-in number via email or text. We ask however that you use voice calling as a last resort.

Once Zoom has been set up, if you would like to test your video you can click here .

Frequently Asked Questions

1What happens if the internet connection has issues during a session?
If the Internet connection fails or is patchy, what works best is to spend a few minutes attempting to fix the issue. If it can’t be resolved, the session can be continued through a combination of Zoom and via phone. Both the Coach and client can mute the audio on their computer (but retain the video). That way you can still see each other but the audio is clear.
2Will my Coach cook with me for At-Home Cooking via videoconferencing?
It is up to your Coach whether they choose to cook during a videoconferencing session. Some coaches feel they can be most present with you by not cooking, others will choose to cook because they feel the concept of joining in on practical recovery skills fits best with their philosophy of Coaching. Rest assured, your Coach will absolutely eat with you. If they choose not to cook at the time of the session, they will have a pre-prepared meal with them.
3What will my coach eat when they eat a meal or snack with me?
Your Coach will eat a meal or snack of their choice. They will also eat appropriately for whatever time zone they are in. For example, if your Coach was in California and was doing a snack session with you in New York, your Coach might eat breakfast at 7am while you would eat a snack at 10am your time. If you would prefer that your Coach eat the same meal or snack as you, you may request that of the Coach however that will be at their discretion.
4For individual sessions, how long do I have to eat my meal or snack?
You need to be able to complete your meal within 45 minutes or complete your snack within 20 minutes. As it is an individual session your Coach is able to support you more directly than in a group session.
5For group sessions, how long do I have to eat my meal or snack?
You need to be able to complete your meal within 45 minutes or complete your snack within 20 minutes, unprompted. We have this structure in place for groups so that we can have people at a similar level in their recovery. If you are unable to meet these requirements in a group setting, you are welcome to attend individual sessions until such time you are ready to rejoin meal support in a group environment.
6If I decide to have more than one Coach on my team, can I do another Introduction session to see if I connect with the new Coach?
Absolutely! It is important you feel comfortable with the Coaches you choose.